From Seattle to San Diego With $100: My First Hitchhiking Experience

My first hitchhiking experience was amazing, and it is worth remembering since I got an opportunity to learn how to hitchhike, and how to be successful in catching rides. I also got an opportunity to know the best places where you can hitch for a ride – thanks to the generous drivers who enlightened me on how proper hitchhiking, and how to get drivers to pick you for a ride when hitchhiking.

With just 100 bucks, my first hitchhiking experience hitchhiking in the USA was from the seaport city of Seattle to San Diego, and it was a memorable experience. I spent at least than 27 hours on this endeavor, which includes wait time for vehicles, refreshing in stop-overs, and catching bites and some food along the way. My experience involved some vehicles since some of the rides that I picked were not heading to San Diego, which forced me to connect along the way.

Not a Bad Starter for a Beginner

As it is in other fields or areas, being a novice has its own unique set of challenges, and the first attempt is not likely to be that successful. Often, with time, after a lot of investment, practice, and do-overs, you get to know how to do something appropriately without spending a lot of time. That aside, my hitchhiking experience started off at Seattle, and I can say that the experience was okay, because there is an elaborate transport system that links Seattle and San Diego, which made the whole experience seamless.


Hitchhiking Spots

Given the distance from Seattle to San Diego, selecting excellent and elaborate hitchhiking spots is crucial if you want to be up for a successful hitchhiking experience. In Seattle, I had to try out my luck at a Petrol station, since it is among the most convenient locations to hitch for a ride.


Well, if you are a novice and you want to start out on the right foot, then you’d be better off starting your experience at locations where the odds of successfully hitching a ride are high. A petrol station suffices, and it is where I started off my hitchhiking.  A combo of spots helped me maneuver all the way to San Diego since most of the rides I hitched were not heading to San Diego straight away.


The Highways

Since hitchhiking across from a city to another involves getting to other states, this experience was enriching since it involved multiple states. I hitched a ride in at least two instances in state highways, and these highways not only offer a wide variety of drivers and scenery but also allow you to get a glimpse into what life is like in those particular local areas.


What’s more, the experience can be even more rewarding if you stand at stop lights just outside of towns along national highways, since the chances of catching a ride at these palaces are very high.


Check the Relevant Laws

Hitchhiking from a major city in one state to another city in another state could be at times complicated because hitchhiking laws by state vary from one to another. Some states permit hitchhiking, and there are those that do not allow hitchhiking. Even in states that permit hitchhiking, you have no guarantees that you will be on the safe side since you could still have run-ins with the police and other relevant law enforcement bodies.

Before you embark on hitchhiking, ensure that you know the laws and rules that govern hitchhiking in the states that you intend to cover. This way, you will be able to avoid run-ins with cops, who at times, are happy about giving you a difficult time.


Maps and GPS

I carried a map with me on this particular hitchhiking experience, and also made use of GPS on my phone. At times, when you are hitchhiking in places that you are not familiar with, a map could come in handy. GPS will help you to know how far you are from your destination, and it will also help you to get insights into other alternatives routes and highways that you could use the next time you plan to hitchhike to those places.

Since this was my first experience and I was a novice regarding hitchhiking, some GPS helped me know locations, and I was able to learn more about those locations on a practical level.

In summary, depending on the places you want to hitchhike, you are bound to have unique and different experiences. Not all areas offer the same experiences, and you should expect to undergo various situations and experiences in the places or spots that you choose to hitchhike.

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