Top 10 Places in the World You Should Never Visit

Traveling is one of the greatest hobbies someone could have. You get to see new places, learn about new cultures and give your mind a reboot. Whereas all you can think about is “Where should I go next?”, have you thought about dangerous places?

Although the world is very beautiful, there are certainly some places that ruin its stunning image. So, let’s explore some places you should never visit.

  1. Syria

You’ve heard about it, but Syria is probably the most dangerous place in the world right now. ISIS is playing its games here, and it makes no exceptions when it comes to tourists with colorful clothes and ready to party.

Being a total war zone, it should be avoided at all costs. Sadly, its beautiful attractions are being ruined.

  1. Yemen

Yemen would be one of the most gorgeous countries on the planet. It has a lot of stunning nature and history to back it up. Too bad all of these things are ruined by violent groups and airstrikes that kill a lot of people.

Because of the political unrest that goes on here, you should stay away and choose a vacation in another country.

  1. North Korea

It’s very likely that you’ve heard a lot of things about North Korea. Kim Jong Un’s regime can be very harsh, so you should avoid offending the Korean military police. Because you never know what you could do wrong, it’s better to stay away.

North Korea and South Korea have become friends, and maybe things are going to get better. However, you should wait until the right time comes for a visit.

  1. Afghanistan

Although things are likely to get better in the future when it comes to Afghanistan, that day is not as close as you would like to. The country is dangerous because of its bombings, homicide, and kidnappings.

The country is beautiful, but you have to wait a long time until it’s considered generally safe.

  1. Somalia

You may like pirate movies and stories, but sadly, you’re not going to meet Jack Sparrow. Many pirates are roaming the seas around Somalia, making it very dangerous to travel there. Moreover, even if you make it safe to the land, you need someone to sponsor your visa. Do you know anyone from Somalia?

  1. Venezuela

Venezuela is known for its stunning landscapes and historical attractions.

However, it’s very dangerous because, if you get sick, medicine is hardly affordable. There are many street fights going on between civilians and security forces, and there’s a lot of violence.

Additionally, there is a risk of grenade attacks, robberies, kidnappings and murders that target tourists. If you want to have a good time, you should better go to a happy and sunny place.

  1. El Salvador

This place has a high rate of murders. Many people were victims of unscrupulous criminals, and you don’t want to end up like that, do you?

Although the rate has lowered, it’s better to be vigilant and not take any risks.

  1. The Central African Republic

This is another dangerous destination, for locals as well as tourists. Not only that there’s a lot of violence going on, but you are more vulnerable as a foreigner. Many of the conflicts happen because of religion, so just stay away and make sure you choose some other place for your summer holiday.

  1. Libya

As another war zone, Libya is a place you should avoid if you want to have a holiday full of smiles. There have been many attacks, airstrikes, and fights that ended in thousands of people dying. You don’t want to fall as a collateral victim, do you?

  1. Iraq

Iraq is under ISIS’s control, and you should expect to be targeted as a foreigner. So, if you don’t want to suddenly be murdered or kidnapped by someone, you’d better stay away. Iraq could be an amazing destination, but it’s sadly ruined by evil people.

In conclusion, your holiday should go on without unwanted incidents. That’s why you should be aware of the places listed above.

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