For some people, city breaks are the only things that allow them to hang onto their sanity. Once you have spent too much time in the same environment, the feeling of “routine” can be overwhelming – which is why we use these breaks as a means to relax.

I am also one of those people that love to travel. I enjoy seeing different places on a regular basis – and I feel that at least once every few months, an individual should take a break of a couple of days to recharge their batteries.

How It All Started

Whenever I traveled somewhere, I liked to record things. I took notes in a journal, I took pictures, and I made an itinerary of my plans so that I could stay organized. I realized that if I didn’t learn to manage my activities, I would end up not doing anything productive at all – which would beat the purpose of traveling.

I learned how to guide myself. I read various blogs with traveling tips – from how to organize your itinerary to how to pack your bags so that you don’t bring the entire house with you. Each of these tips helped me become a better traveler, and I managed to enjoy my travels to the fullest.

Why I Went into Blogging

While reading through blogs, I realized that without them, I might have not managed to enjoy my travels. After traveling for a fair amount of time, I also managed to gain my own knowledge – which I decided to share.

No one has the same experience when it comes to traveling – so I decided to share my thoughts. I created this blog so that others could enjoy the same experience that I did. Traveling literally makes the world go round so you need to be informed before you pack your bags – which is where this blog comes in.