Traveling Tips

There aren’t many savvy travelers out there. Generally, it all comes with experience. At first, you make many mistakes because you don’t know the ropes. However, with enough information and the willingness to become a better traveler, you can enjoy every spot that you traveled – and come home completely recharged.

Here’s what every knowledgeable traveler needs to know or do:

  1. Pack light. You never need as many clothes as you think you do, so only take the basic necessities.
  2. Wake up early. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy more places and take better pictures – compared to sleeping until noon.
  3. Have extra cash on you. You may have a budget set, but you never know when an emergency might occur (such as losing your wallet).
  4. Talk with the locals. They usually tell you exactly what to do in order to have a successful trip.
  5. Take pictures, but also enjoy. You’ll want to save memories of that place since you never know if you’ll ever visit again.
  6. Splurge during your stay. Sure, you want to travel on a budget – but if you continuously live on a shoestring, it might compromise the quality of your stay.
  7. Pack earplugs. It doesn’t matter if you want to avoid traffic noise, snoring, or next-door-dormitory sex – they are godsent.
  8. Take the time to explore. Don’t cram too many activities in one go; instead, slow down and enjoy.
  9. Eat food from the locals. Mexican food from your local Mexican restaurant doesn’t compare to the actual food stands of Mexico.
  10. Get lost on purpose. Take a map (paper or smartphone) just to be safe, by try to enjoy the streets without actually having a direction.

Traveling is what heals our soul, taking us out of our comfort zone – so you need to make the best of it.